September 9th, 2005


halloween musica!

asseenontv asked for halloween music ideas...i thought i had posted my list earlier, but looking back, couldnt find it. i apologize if im posting something ya have seen before...either way...enjoy!

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I went to the party store today and spent over 20 dollars for halloween supplys... I use the things more then once... I bought some spider web stockings some purple and black striped stockings a witch hat some purple spray for my hair and some white spray and some fangs.. I was also looking at a fake well... We are thinking of doing a haunted house at my house in los angeles this year and making a fake well and turning me into Samara lol... last year we had alot of people visit it... it was fun.. We scared the fuck out of people!. I love halloween!! I love scaring people!! its so fun!!
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