August 30th, 2005

Found This Kool Dude To Add To My Halloween Collection!

I think he's Adorable!

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Just incase this hasn't been shared yet....

I just wanted to post about the Yankee Candle plug in oil thingies....
They have the scent "Spiced Pumpkin" for the refills now!
They came out with the scent last year, but you could only buy it with a plug in thingy, didn't have them as refills. They do Now! I got a double pack, which I believe is a new thing also? Man does that stuff smell Yummy! Reminds me of Fall & Halloween!!

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They're baaaaaaack!

The greatest Peeps invention ever, in my opinion. Chocolate-filled pumpkin-shaped marshmallows! I've got to stock up because last Halloween I only got to have them once before they disappeared. If you're a marshmallow kind of person and haven't had them yet, I suggest that you do. Got my first package of them today, thanks to my mother who knows my addiction to these. :)