August 27th, 2005

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Hi everyone, I'm new. My name is Hannah. Halloween is my favorite holiday :)
I can't wait. Halloween decorations are already up in JoAnn Fabrics, it makes me so excited!
Anyway, I was thinking about being the Corpse Bride (from Tim Burton's movie)this year for Halloween. I'm just not sure where I could find a costume for it. Or find out how to do my make up to look dead (I could just do basic white face, but I want it to look authentic). Any websites that will help or suggestions?


I'm Carolyn, married, 38 years of age. I have 4 daughters ages 9-18.
And I LOVE Halloween!!!

I love to decorate my home with tons of Halloween themed items.
And, I guess I've already started!
Last week at Michaels Crafts I picked up the most Adorable ceramic bottles with cork stoppers. One says "Eye of Newt", the other "Toe of Frog". I'm so glad I picked them up 'cause I went back this week to see if they had anything new out...
& no more bottles. They were only $2.99 each & are about 4 1/2 in. tall.
I've over the years collected Many Halloween decorative items.

We've had Halloween party's here at our home for a few years in a row. Everyone is expected to dress up, adults & children. But there are always a few party poopers! We have a little hay ride set up for the little ones(weather permitting). Just a lawn tractor pulling a large garden wagon with straw. The kids get a kick outta it. I also make up goodie bags for the kids, with candy & little Halloween themed toys.
I'm always careful as to not make the decorations to scary for the little ones. But I also love the ghoulish scary stuff!

If I happen to remember to take a few pics later, when my home is fully decorated, I'll post them if that allowed.

Look forward to reading others posts here!

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so hello everyone, again.

glad to see everyones getting into that halloween spirit! after hearing about all the halloween decorations in michaels and whatnot i may just have to head down there soon!

last night i was working (i'm a lifegaurd) for a pool party, and i actually got cold sitting out there in my bathing suit. it felt like fall was coming. i'm so excited!


one of your mods,
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