August 15th, 2005

  • reona32

Approaching October

Ah, August. By this time I am usually implementing my Halloween plans. You know, deciding which relative’s house I’m going to take over or which friend’s garage I’m going to invade. Alas, my neighborhood is too small to bother doing such things at my own house. But, oh weep in horror, such plans shall not occur this year. Why, you ask? It is simple. The money. I usually have lots of $$$$ saved up for my Halloween exploits and while such money does exist, it must be tagged for something else. Namely, my best friend’s wedding.

By this time next year my best friend will be married and I must have money to throw her a shower, buy my dress, and just generally get through the whole thing. I am the Maid of Honor. It is my duty. [pouts] But all is not lost for Halloween. I have inserted myself into the local haunted house again. While I will not get to decorate my own house/garage with new stuff, I will get to shriek and howl myself raw playing a witch in the “haunted forest” scene.

And while I must content myself with just my haunted house highjinks this year, I still wish everyone a most devious Halloween.

Happy Halloween

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