July 25th, 2005

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Daylight-Saving Time move to first Sunday of Nover

"Lawmakers from the House and Senate agreed Thursday
to include a provision - part of a larger energy bill
- that would start daylight-saving time three weeks
earlier, the second Sunday in March, and end it a week
later, the first Sunday of November. Kids would have
an hour more DAYLIGHT for trick-or-treating on
(emphasis added)


a sample letter someone is sending to there respective reps:

I would encourage you to think about what extending daylight savings time to include Halloween would do to we who do charity home haunts for the kids. Some things that I will point out are as follows:

(1) We count on darkness for our haunts so that those coming through do not see what is behind the props. Like hoses and control boxes ect. Having total darkness is the only way that we could ever attempt doing this.

(2) There is a huge haunting community nation wide who like us collect for many different charities. For instance just last year we (my wife and I) collected food for the Oregon Food Bank. This was the advertised admission to go through our haunt and we ended up with four 55 gallon barrels full of food for the three nights that we ran the haunt. We had approximately 1000 people come through and it grows every year.

(3) Our haunt encompasses Our three car garage and front, side and back yards which would not work at all in daylight. This also goes for the pro haunts who by the way are also connected to one charity or another with a percentage of there proceeds going to that charity.

(4) By extending daylight time it would cause us to start 1 hour later so that it is dark and at the same time close by 10:00PM to meet the noise ordinance which as you can see would cut our open time by 1 hour. This lost hour would certainly mean less people could go through each haunt and therefor less money or food for the charities.

I would ask you to make sure that all of your constituents are aware of this dilemma.
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