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guilt, sex, and transubstantiation
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Catholicism is more than a religious or cultural entity, and remains pervasive even in the lives of people who have long since decided to either live outside of Catholicism or to have a nontraditional relationship with Catholicism, shaping the emotional and spiritual components of individual self-concept.

This journal is a place for people to discuss, among other things, the ways in which Catholicism shaped, still shapes, or no longer shapes and defines various aspects of their internal, individual, family, and spiritual lives, with an emphasis on the role of Catholicism in the lives of people who historically/traditionally have been rejected (or not embraced in their entirety) by/from Catholic doctrine, liturgy, culture, or congregation by virtue of pan-queer, non-white, transexual, transgender, sex industry, nonmonogamous, feminist, womanist, or anti-imperialist perspectives, choices, and/or identities.

No flaming, no trolling, no guilt-tripping, and please be gentle with one another.

This is not a safe space for haters: religious freedom is freedom for/from all religions.