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_habs's Journal

Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls
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This community is for students, ex-students and just plain fans of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls.

Created and maintained by forgottendays and bodhia.
6th form, a-levels, alan, aldenham country park, aldenham road, alistair willimont, animum non rapiet, as-levels, blazers, butterfly road, coaches, cross-country running, dagger lane, debating teachers' sexual orientation, dining room duty, elstree, exams, flourescent telephone-wire key chains, gcses, geography field trips, gossiping, green, green clothes, guys and dolls, haberdashers, haberdashers', habs, hating lacrosse, huge bags, independent girls, independent women, ink link, lacrosse, lacrosse in the rain, litter duty, lower fourth weekend away, mater tibi gratias, miles' hair, miss hodgskin, monsieur bardou, mr gough, mr moriarty, mrs penney, muck-up day, not wearing blazers, nurse jackie, osmington bay, pasta king, peanuts, penelope penney, private school, quiet studs, ribbons and lace, robert aske, rolling up our skirts, saint catherine, school, school carmen, school uniform, serve and obey, señor carbonell, sixth form, sixth form action week, snow day, st. catherine, st. kate's day, stanmore pullen, the black gates, the borehamwood times, the boys' school, the bush (deceased), the coach park, the common room, the dining room, the prevett hall, the quad, the quiet stud room, tights caught on velcro, ucas, university