School Carmen

Does anyone have all the words and/or a complete translation of the school carmen? I'm basically only asking out of geekyness, but also because my brother thinks that his school song (UCS) is better than ours.

Download Habs games online for FREE! full games :)

Hi all - my name is Ramy. I am from Montreal and naturally, I am a huge
fan of the Canadiens since I can remember :)

I invite all the fans to go to and you will have
access to ALL the Games of the 2006-07 season. Soon,
will be live.

The video quality is very good and the Audio is excellent. Usually, the
games are updated the day following the game at about 4AM in the
morning Eastern Time.

PS: commentating is in French from the RDS tv station. the official and
exclusive Habs TV station!

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Bizarre article in this month's Cosmo: "Forget the WAGS, meet the HABS" (the capitalisation... it burns...)

HABs are apparently the husbands and boyfriends of the famous, e.g. K-Fed, David Furnish, Mr Penney...

Loves it :)
Cartoon me


Heehee! This year's MUD is fab! The U6 have come in dressed as hippies and were telling people to hug trees and all that good stuff this morning. There are flowers everywhere and everyone's having a good time.

Not too sure how we're going to top this next year....