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Where the weak are killed and eaten.

horror tales
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Hey everyone. Welcome to _h0rr0r_tales_. This is the place for all of your fictional, horror based writing. Feel free to post any sort of writing you want. Poetry, prose, short stories, chapter based stories, etc. are all perfectly fine as long as they are horror. All pieces of writing must be under an lj-cut to save space on friends pages and such. If you want to post pictures with your story, feel free!

If you wish to post writing that is NOT horror related, I'm okay with that. Just put OT or NH(for "not horror") in your lj-cut or subject line. If I feel that the non-horror related pieces are taking over, I'll put an end to those.

Please join and post your writing. :) I hope you enjoy your stay.

1. Be nice to each other.
2. No typing like ThIs or lyke dis. If you're going to be lazy and obnoxious by typing like that in a writing community, I'm going to have to ban you. Also, no "u", "y", "r", "2", etc. instead of "you", "why", "are", and "two". It may be faster to type that, but two more letters aren't going to kill you.

Otherwise, that's it! :)