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Closing my spirit to others

Something I wrote in my journal seemed to help someone, so I decided to post it here, just some personal thoughts:

I have given some thought in my life about my experience of closing of my feelings toward someone. I am putting this awkwardly, but I am trying to say that I personally have experienced the sense of no emotional reaction to the sufferings of some people; my spirit has closed to them.

For the purpose of this comment, I am not trying to justify the closing of my spirit, nor am I trying to condemn myself for it. I am saying that just because I do not perceive that spark of life in their souls, this does not equate to there actually being no spark of life in their souls. My logical opinion is that there are plenty of sparks around me that, I in my hurt, or I in my limitations do not perceive.

From reading his book, I can safely say that Dr, Penoel, though he does have some funny ideas (ideas not proven to me, though he also has some great ones that are proven) is correct that many in the field of aromatherapy are sort of cut-throat and heartless. I can safely say he is correct in this because many people in many fields are cut-throat and heatless. But my point is that just because his spirit has become closed to these people and he does not perceive a spark of life in them, it does not mean the spark of life does not exist.


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