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Well, I just recently posted a bunch of icons on my journal. I'll help out here. :) I have other icons and I can post those if you want.

~Harry/Hermione - 10
~Icon with H/Hr in it - 1
~Japanese Harmony - 2
~H/Hr Banner - 1
~H/Hr Wallpaper - 1

COMMENT if you take
Credit silverjedi When Used

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Hey everyone, we need to have more members to we need to promote the community, i have made a layout and hopefully everyone else likes it, i actually did it by myself and a good friend of mine worked out the little details... so yeah come on guys! post more i cant do this all myself
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Hey Everyone! You've stumbled upon this community and so your here and want to be creative. Show off ur icons, banners, layouts, etc. here and have fun expressing our favorite Harry potter 'Ship so yeah. Lets show the other 'ships what Harry's and Hermione's can do!
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