it's okay. so are we.

addicted to jake. <3
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for those addicted to jake gyllenhaal.

welcome to _gyllenhaalics_, where everyone can come together and obsess over the beauty
which is jake gyllenhaal. we're glad to have you stop by! please read the rules before you join...

please please PLEASE have some form of jake on your profile, icons, or layout.

even if your journal's locked, you can still put him and/or his movies
in your interests section; that information is available to the general public
and will get you faster access into the community. it only makes sense for you to
have him at LEAST as an interest in order to want to join the community.
i/we will ask
you nicely once to rectify the situation if i/we do not see anything jake-related when you
first request to join; if in the span of 24-48 hours you have not fixed it, you won't be
allowed to join,
simple as that.

[x] first and foremost, you have to be at least a little obsessed with jake,
in some way, shape or form.
otherwise, you may find yourself a little sickened
by the rest of us.

[x] the mods have the final say in any matter. no debates, no appeals,
no exceptions.

[x] we cannot express enough the importance of lj-cuts.
some of us aren't fortunate enough to have high-speed internet all year.
and whereas we would LOVE to see all that jake on our computer screens,
it'd take forever to load it. so please...use courtesy and common sense.

[x] no catfights, no fangirl wars, no crap like that. you'll get
a warning, and then if you still don't listen, you WILL be kicked out.

[x] if you're posting a fic, be sure to include the following:
title, rating, pairing, summary, and any author's notes/warnings
you feel need to be added.
and be sure to lj-cut the actual writing.
that way, no one can try to coherently bash you on the premise of
not knowing what they were reading when they clicked the cut.

[x] if someone posts a fic, leave something--at its harshest,
concrit. the lovely people of this community put their work out on display
and it isn't always an easy thing to do, so show them that their efforts
aren't for nothing.
also? don't bash a fic if you don't like it. that's asinine.

[x] when you're accepted, make a post. just say who you are,
how you found the comm (if you don't have mr. gyllenhaal in your info,
we'd especially like to know how you happened upon here), and maybe
something simple as your favorite jake movie.

[x] jake pics -- under an lj-cut of course. this includes
but is not limited to: buttons, icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, and manips.

[x] jake fics -- however long. drabbles, ficlets, short stories, WiPs, whatever.

[x] jake write-ups -- this is to say, any article, review, or bit of gossip
you find and wanna post, go right ahead.

[x] jake picture requests -- if you want a specific picture or themed picture,
or perhaps a base from someone's icon.

[x] posts completely unrelated to jake whatsoever. this is a
jake gyllenhaal community. why would you post something completely
unrelated? save yourself some embarrassment, even if you have to think twice
about whether what you're about to post has anything to do with jake.

[x] posts including any of the following types of writing: mpreg, daddy!kink,
incest, sex acts including body fluids other than come and/or saliva, and any other
obscure, more than likely squick-inducing theme.
if you're not sure what you're about
to post will fall under this category, contact one of the mods and one of us will get back
to you as soon as we can.

[x] posts that bash jake's love interests -- past, present or potential ones.
c'mon guys. that's pretty dumb. and besides, when you bash the girls he's dated,
you're bashing him. the women he dates reflects his taste in women. and you don't
wanna bash him, do you? no? didn't think so.

[x] posts that spoil jake movies currently in theaters. i hate being spoiled, and
i'll assume others do, too.
however, you can ask other people if they've seen a certain
movie, and if someone else has and you wanna discuss it, please take it to your own
that's courtesy.

it'd be nice if you just put a little something on your userinfo about us. here are just a
few little things to get us started. feel free to whore out in another community (making
sure, of course, that it's okay first):


none! if you know of any communities that may want to partner up, let us know!

anything else? don't hesitate to ask.

your mods.

credit for the layout design goes to cemeterygates13;
credit for the layout coding goes to ___leegaze.