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×You say the waiting could crush your heart×

×But it's nothing new to me×

You've given me a heart like a gun
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a rating community.
This community goes by looks as well as personality.
So,if other people arn't big on your looks,your personality may make up for it.
In order to be accepted, you must follow these rules:

× the first 3 people to post and application, are automatically accepted.and mods.
× you must answer the question's to the application.please put it in a Lj cut.It helps save room.Use (lj-cut text="application") entry (lj-cut) - change the ( to <
× honest opinions matter.
× after you join the community, you must put in an application 24 hours after doing so.If not, you will be deleted from the friends list.
× after you put an application in, and are accepted you may vote on who will, and should be accepted.along with just random entrys.
× in order for you to know if you are accepted or not.you will be stamped.
[[I'll have examples of the stamps soon]]
× you must promote.

Sexual Preference:

_-Type of music:-_
List 5 fav. bands:
List 3 fav. movies:
Fav. cartoon:

.Why should we accept you in this community?:
.What makes you different from everyone else?:
.What is your most favorite feature about yourself?:

What do you think about...
Premaritle sex:
Same sex marriages:
Britney spears:
Lance bass:
sesame street:

Name one random talent about your self:
What would change about your personality, and or looks:
On a rating, of one to 10 how pretty do you think you are:
On a 1 to 10 scale, what would you rate your personality:

.Post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and 1 of your style.