new journal baby_holdback (youaretoxic) wrote in _guesswhat,
new journal baby_holdback

stamped wheeee.

here are some random things i think will be fun to show you.

my first cell phone, sighh. so cute.

the easter bunny, and my friend and i. so cool.

ohhh jacob. you know you want him. [that was random..]

me being pushed down a hill in a box. when i was like threeish.

me and my best friends. being kewliez.

if x posted means what i think it means, i'm x posting.
i think it means to post in different communities, right? hahhh i rock.

  • Closed

    Rating communities are out. So is this one. Maybe it'll be up and running again sometime in the future, but for now, see ya later. :)

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