August 28th, 2005

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I am in freaking Poughkeepsie, NY.
the exciting thing about this is that I AM AT COLLEGE.
woot Vassar Class of 2009. It's very exciting. I stayed in tonight. :D:D
pictures of the place to come later, of course.
I was retarded and left my USB cable for my camera at home.
but I am alive.
Just busy at college.
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The Rules!

Okay everyone, we've got rules of course, so lets just take another look and remember them.

--"GUESSWHAT" goes in subject line if you're applying.
--"Stamped" goes in subject line if you've been accepted.
--Post, promote, comment, vote, participate in themes.
--We love pictures, but only behind an LJ-CUT.
--The younger you are, the less we'll like you.
--Don't be computer illiterate. Know what you're doing.
--Oh, and uhm yeah. NO DRAMA.

Everybody who has been stamped needs to put "stamped" in the subject line, and then whatever else the entry is about. This is sort of a new rule, never enforced before, but now it shall be. :) It helps us remember who's been stamped and such for when I do member cuts. If I can remember seeing your username with a "stamped" entry, it will be easier for me. Thanks! :D

ANNNNNNNNND we have a theme now. The color is orange and the subject is hair. So have at it! We want some participation here, the themes never do so well in this community (I don't know why!). Whoever wins the theme will have their winning entry in the userinfo.

We also have a new Top Member of Guesswhat! I've added a question on the application that says, "pick out the most attractive member" and after we get a certain amount of applications we'll decide who the top member is. Of course, in order for this to work, we need a members page! You know what that means: GIVE US PICTURES! Comment here with your picture, doesnt' have to be resized. I'll fix em' up and put them on a members page. If you don't post a picture, I'll search your journal for one that I like. If I can't find one, I'll post your name and if you don't post some kind of picture by a certain date, we shall cut you. :( Sad I know, but we need the pictures.