July 24th, 2005



Okay, wow. I have just made a HUGE members cut. We had like 60 something members before, and now we're down to 20 something.

Ok, first off, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS! I have cut anybody and everybody who does not have a banner in their userinfo representing _guesswhat. I understand a lot of you are still active members, but if you didn't have a banner in your info, I just removed you. I've put a star next to the listed users that I thought were still active. This list is no where near perfect, so if I missed you, I promise it's nothing personal. If I recognized your username, but cut you because you didn't have a banner, you'll have a star next to your name. All you have to do is put a banner in your userinfo and comment, letting us know. You can JOIN again, without having to re-apply. Easy as that! :] Once again, please don't think we hate you. We just want our members to proudly show they're a part of this community. Nothing is permanent, it was just time we cleaned out the community. It's not big deal if I've taken you off, nothing personal!