July 22nd, 2005

people//lettuce head

mod//last night was the best night ever.

I took this from my journal.

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it was one of those nights where everything seemed funny.Collapse )

&&& even more exciting than last night: Some other Vassar freshman found a backdoor & room assignments have been unofficially released among the freshmen. We don't know our roommates yet but hopefully we'll find each other through facebook, message boards &c. I AM IN MAIN BUILDING, ROOM 465. Not only do I get to live in a National Historic Monument, but I hear that Main rooms are bigger with more closet space. SCORE! Also, The Retreat (a dining hall) is in Main so during the winter I don't have to walk outside across campus to get food. Also again, it is in the middle of everything. I'll post a picture of the building later.

I am so psyched!