July 19th, 2005



Hello all you faithful members out there! GuessWhat has got a surprise for you! Check out the new style!! We've got a new layout, new banners, new stamps, new profile, new everything! But, we've kept our same introduction and are still representing ourselves the same, with the same rules (generally) and a good down to earth application that doesn't take forever to fill out and won't scare away potential applicants. Take a look around, and let me know what you think!

We've also cut down on our maintainers. I realized that the less I was interested in this community the more maintainers I handed crowns too, and as you all know that turned out to be a big mistake. So, we've cut down to four maintainers, (one for each new color), chosen by how long they've been here and they're effort twards the community.

I hope you like the new look, and hopefully now we can get some action around here. We've got a theme decision to make! Tell us your ideas for a great theme that you think will get everyone participating in GuessWhat again, all the maintainers will be sure to listen.

<3 kate.

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Gosh.. to post again.. haha. It sucks people haven't been very active lately, but hopefully Kate revived this place. I love the new layout and stuff!!!111
Just thought I would post.. nothing's really new. My friend Akeem and I are working on a new community, it's called GANGSTATROOPS... so join it. ;)
Don't forget to promote & stufffff.
I'm gonna be whorin' it all night, haha. ♥

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