July 13th, 2005



Yeah, um.. SOOOOO

That was interesting. Anyway, the "head mod" is gone. She didn't like our attitude. She didn't like our unappreciation of her taking over, changing the layout, taking away maintainer privledges from mods that have been here for months, changing the info, and making guesswhat sound rude and like every other community. She was just trying to help. Really.

She got angry and left, and took everything with her. Including our original layout and info graphics. Didn't even put them back. How rude.

So now, if you will be patient with us, the REAL mods here are going to make guesswhat work again. WITHOUT making it like every other community.

Much love! :)

THE CREATOR of guesswhat. Yep, that's me. MINE!