April 2nd, 2005


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I decided to dedicate this post to my brother chris. i did another one in my journal but i got more pictures and i need to stay active here and he is the only one on my mind at the moment.

well as of now since wednesday my brother has been in the hospital. He has been there for 4 days and is still really out of it.
Wednesday during school he had a siezure. They took him in an ambulence and it was because of drugs.
hes been doing them for a long time so by now hes really messed up. He still cant talk right so they wont let him out of the hospital..

thats why i wanted to do this.

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Uhm.. okay! New theme: PET SHOW!

Dress your dearest pets up in full costume! Thought it would be something fun to do. :)
Only post pictures of your pet if you have it dressed up though. Pictures of pets alone won't count. Of course you can include a picture or two of your pet without a costume along with your themed picture. But, if you post pictures of your pet for the theme, have at least one picture of them dressed up.


<3 m o d k a t e
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yeah no pictures in this, just an update on life. to keep the community going.
yale and colmubia rejected me.
i got into the university of chicago.
i'm deciding between vassar and NYU, though.
(also accepted by boston university, fordham and SUNY binghamton.)

the whole yale thing hurt since that's where i really wanted to go but after a day of just feeling like crap, i'm over it and i'm okay with it. i can handle it. i'll be just as happy at NYU or vassar, probably happier. and it's graduate school that matters, not undergrad.

<3 chelsea.