March 16th, 2005

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mod//i'm alive!

I haven't really been around much here or on LiveJournal in general... I've been so busy with jazz band (we had a competition last weekend... well, we didn't compete, we just got judged... so I had rehearsal and then the actual trip) and I've been suffering from some weird cold that hasn't gone away in a month. Sometimes I'm alrite, and other times (like today), I get really bad. This morning I woke up and had a fever.

Track is also huge right now. It's the beginning of the spring season and after an awesome winter season in mid-distance, I've switched to long sprinting because my specialty seems to be in the 200m and especially the 400m. I'm now in a workout group of all boys, which is a little difficult since most of them are faster than me. And working out with them in the weight room is weird too because they all bench 100+ pounds, and I am barely getting 65 up. :D

And I'm also waiting for college acceptance/rejection letters because those come in in the last weeks of March and the first week of April. I'm basically waiting for a letter from Yale (which will be one of the last ones to come). Where I go depends on their response... If they accept me, there's no question, I'm going there. If not, then I have a lot of orientations and seminars and luncheons and open houses at the colleges I do get into.

So if my participation here is sporadic, that's why. :D