March 12th, 2005


I just wanted to thank all the members who hung in there while guesswhat wasn't going anywhere. I hope our makeover makes a difference, because I'm really glad all of you have stayed so long and didn't leave me. :)

<3 m o d k a t e

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Agh, so today has been like the worst in the history of the world. Drama drama drama. Everyone's getting pissed off at everyone, and there's supposed to be a big fight at a show tonight, but one of the included people isn't gonna show up. Good, he's my friend. Anywayyyy.. found a bunch of old music from like a million years ago... Brand New's old album, Alkaline Trio, Odd Project.. mmz. I'm very glad, I lost my fawking OP album like a million years ago. Sad. I love them.
Welp.. this is my update. Bye.
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