February 13th, 2005

Wtf is Hollywood Film Glamor?

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Oh well. There you go.
My lover came over last night. Mmz. We walked to the park && took pictures of our feet. 'N then we walked over to a green ugly swamp && watched the pretty pink sunset. 'N then we went to this place that somebody had a birthday party at, so there were balloons &&&& stuff everywhere, & a very small fire at each little grill thing. So we took the balloons && made a bigger fire. 'N then we went to my house & tried to order pizza, but the first number 411 gave to me (it was like 701-2345.. odd, huh?) was wrong. So we called again and they gave me the Hungry Howies number for the NORTH side, so they couldn't deliver to us. Then we just looked in the phone book and got the number for Dominos, but Jacel (our money) had to leave so we didn't get any pizza. So for like hours we just sat && watched a little TV in a dark room on a giant couch. And we loved, and we love, each other.


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