February 8th, 2005


Uh oh, News flash, ladies and gents. Kate has dubbed me the official theme director. Hoo ha. :-)

Current theme:

Hollywood Film Glamour.

(for fun, if you want, you can take some pics of yourself showing off your inner hollywood movie star..we will have a contest) Just basically post pics of whatever you think goes along with the theme..there will be a prize.

But what is the prize...?

A custom layout. courtesy of oddball_layouts.
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New Mod and Other

Hey everyone, we have a new mod!

Because Kyle and I can't keep up with this community, and keep things going I've decided to have another mod who can keep everyone in line around here. ;) lol, anyway, our new mod is.. *dun dun dun*


So, she can say what she wants and now has the effect of me or Kyle. Therefore, she can accept, reject, and basically do what she wants. :)

Theme Director

I've also decided to have an official theme director. I don't really have time to keep up with themes and make them up, so I've given this job to..


So this means that she'll post the theme of the week/month or whatever time period she decides, and you all can participate. The person who's entry is the most creative and super will get a prize. Prizes vary between layouts, auto accepts/rejects, and other. As you all know I make graphics, so if any of you want something particular then I'll make it for you really special with all my creativ-ness right away and bump ya up infront of the others who are waiting. However, this is all only if you win, so be creative! :)

Alright, thats the update for now. Toodles everyone and keep enjoying _GUESSWHAT ! :)