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Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Location: Florida
What do you like most about yourself? My eyes and my ethnics. I'm Japanese French Canadian.

Favorite Movies: Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Orange County, American Wedding.
Music you listen to: Indie, Grunge, Alt. Rock, a tiny bit of metal..I don't know the other genres, really.
Books you've read, or are currently reading: Green Angel, Chicken soup for the pet lover's soul, Animal Farm, The Raven and other writings, That was then, this was now, the bucaneers, nina : adolecense.
All time favorite T.V. show: Viva La Bam

Say it

5 random things you'd like us to know about you:
  • o1:.
  • I love photography
  • o2:.
  • I write in my spare time
  • o3:.
  • this community looks neat
  • o4:.
  • I'm obcessed with music
  • o5:.
  • I've been told that I'm outgoing.

    Write a paragraph that describes yourself. Let us know about your life, how you live
    your life, and the dreams you have for it. We want to get to know you.

    Well, I wouldn't say describing the above in a paragraph is easy, but challenges are fun. My life is pretty typical..I'm your average teenaged girl. I attend school just like anyone else would, but I enjoy reading, listening to music, talking on the phone, graphic designing and surfing on the internet in my spare time. I live my life with the main rules that everyone is equal and that everyone deserves a second chance..but sometimes it takes strength to allow a second chance..and that you only live once, so make what you can out of your life. The dreams I have for my life would be that I want to someday get my work published, continue staying in a relationship with my boyfriend of 7 months and discover my hidden talents.

    Tell us
    -What's your favorite style of clothing? I'll tell you my favorite outfit in my closet. black incubus tank under an open un-buttoned awana shirt..(off-white with red collar and red cuffs around the sleeves, which are a few inches above my elbow and it has a few patches on the front and sleeve.), tight dark blue pants, black and white checkered belt that my bf gave me for xmas and whatever shoes I feel like throwing on.

    -What does your username mean to you? I guess it means that you can have a theory, and you can burn it..but it's wise to keep it.

    -Have you found love? How do you know? I have found love. I know because whenever I am away from him..I usually can't even stand it. I can't really put into words how much I love him and the love we have for eachother..I think it's impossible for any literature or poetry to explain.

    -List these in order of importance to you:
    love, family, friends, money, pride, acceptance, individuality, responsiblity:

    Love, Family, Friends, Pride, Responsibility, Indiduality, Acceptance, Money.

    Show us...
    ..a bad picture of you:

    ..your boyfriend/girlfriend's picture:

    ..your picture. At least four, but the more the better.

    Sorry about the size differents

    ..you've promoted in 3 communities or journals:




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      Rating communities are out. So is this one. Maybe it'll be up and running again sometime in the future, but for now, see ya later. :)

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