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Of those of you here who are practicing pagans or have a pagan background, have any of you ever had an unusual difficulty with zombie visions? If so, could you describe them? If not, was there anything in particular you have had an unusual amount of trouble with or of which you have had troubling visions that you'd like to talk about? I am still trying to figure out a few things about why I am drawn to darkness and night, and why I have had the trouble with such visions as I have over the past 12 yrs.
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intros et. al.

I know some have posted introductions here so I thought I'd do the same. I am a graduate student (in history) and a gallery assistant. I think my awakening(s) began as early as 5, but the bulk of them occurred at puberty. I lay claim to psy vampire, shadow, starseed, and dragon-faerie. Whatever else I may be is probably in or out there for me to discover. I have been an ecclectic pagan for the past decade. I draw and write when I have the chance.
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Final Information Gathering

Good afternoon or what have you.

It has been a while since I have posted here though I have enjoyed reading the various thoughtful and interesting posts that have been offered since.

First of all, thank you all for the responses I have received to date. I have spent months compiling and working through the information collected from my last surveys numbering nearly 400 responses. The amount of assistance has been overwhelming and I am incredibly happy to see such a high level of support.

I also apologize for the level of crossposting but I do wish to get as many of the livejournal communities as I may for there are individuals who belong to only one or another but do not have huge mass membership.

Following is the last survey that I will need for my work. The questions are slightly broader in scope and several will require some thought. There is reason behind each and every one. I have spent the last month and a bit fine tuning the survey and adding questions after conferring with a number of very wise people (both otherkin and human).

I have had some strong interest in the book from several publishers and I am currently looking into which will offer the best price to the buyer as well as the widest possible distribution.

You may answer the survey here OR you may email it directly to if you wish to keep your answers private. Information is not shared beyond the core research unless you answer the "bonus" question.

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A Request for Information

In the research phase for writing a book on otherkin a lot of information needs to be gathered. Please consider taking a moment to answer these basic questions. All questions are optional and please do not attach your name (emails and livejournal names will be stripped from the entries for processing).

Year of Birth:
Country of Residence:
Current career/occupation:
Age at which you "awakened" (or began the process):
Type of otherkin:
Do you believe in reincarnation?:

If you are uncomfortable answering here please feel free to email me at

Additionally, I require a large accumulation of information to form a baseline foundation. Please feel free to email this to any otherkin you know who is not on livejournal: distribute personally or to email lists as you wish. All answers can be returned to me at

Thank you very much for your response.


many people have told my i could be an other kin so i have been doing some information... how do you know what type of other kin you are...

please help.

Miranda }!{
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An Introduction and Questions

I am both otherkin and writer. I have been aware of my personal differences for many decades and struggled with my own changes during a time when spirituality was centered around the community church. I currently live in the french part of Canada doing piece work and holding contract based positions. My research and interaction with otherkin communities has been leading to the eventual publication of a book focusing on otherkin.

I have joined this and other communities in order to research and collect information for this book as well as for my own natural curiousity. I do tend to lurk and read more than get involved in discussion.

I would like to ask a few basic questions. Feel free to answer here or to email me directly at

Note that by answering you are giving permission to use your response in publication.

Thank you for your assistance and participation.

1. What is your name [optional]
2. What part of the world do you live in [optional]
3. What type of otherkin do you identify as?
4. What is the basis of that identity? Where did it come from or what supports it? Feel free to be as lengthy or concise as you wish.
5. What would you like to see in a book about/for otherkin?

Any suggestions or feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at the above email or through this livejournal. Thank you very much for your response.

(This is very crossposted if you see it several times)
8-bit druid

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hey everyone. i found this community and it seems pretty cool. i was wondering if i could get some help from a few of the members here. i dont consider myself an otherkin, but i am an author of fantasy. i have an otherkin character, you gotta admit they make great additions in a plot of any kind. i dont know much about them and in order to write about her i need to get into character. if someone could give me a website or maybe even a little bit of info it would really help me. thanks!
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(no subject)

I used to be a LJ member, but harrassment of what I am forced me to leave, and I am now a FenJournal member. The reason I came back is because horrible post. I thought that this community should know what some would have done with us. Can you please pass this on?

Why this community exists.

I was talking to a very intelligent person, and as a result of the conversation came up with something somewhat coherent. The reasons behind this community:

There is always the balance of yin and yang, as well as different useful applications for each.

The purpose of the community I made is to check and balance different methods.

When using the darker aspects to be effective it is possible to slip too far.

I prefer to have feed back from people I respect when making such decisions. Other people might as well, along with a place to speak freely.

I am not hell bent on darkness; I just think it requires more supervision and consideration for ethics.

I generally do not need help deciding if doing something the nice way is ethical, but the less then nice actions require more thought.
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Stupidity is punishable by meanness.

One of my 13 year old charges with a history of sexual abuse got called intoxicating by someone totally clueless in an attempt to connect and/or make small talk. This baffles me. Both facts where known previous to the incident. I know how to guard people from active malice, but how do you handle accidental stupidity with poor side effects? My response was to take the party in question aside and make her feel appropriately bad, she will probably back of now. Now I am being hassled about being mean, why for would I not be mean, stupidity really should not go unpunished no matter what the intentions where. Good intentions are simply not good enough anymore.
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