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Ripped Fishnets

what's been hiding under your knickers

hair, makeup and clothing optional 101
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this is a community devoted to unique style...

the individualistic need for art and expression dealing with makeup and most importantly, clothes!

So show off your latest vintage thrift store score!


~if posting more then one picture,
we advise that one should always use an lj-cut.
~as well as, we are not fond of, "come join our yet another teeny bop rate me community" spam. if you don't like playing with the older gals, quit dressing up in our clothes!

other communities that we adore:

~ the site that is favored by all for tips and tricks for making and keeping dreads: http://www.btinternet.com/~quinnster1/hair/hair.html
~ we souly believe in a healthy attitude of oneself of size acceptance..go here and visit torridgirls!
~ and in final, if you love the 80's and everything Strawberry... strawberry4ever
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