...and we're awesome too

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We are a group of Lj's most awesome addicts and cam whores.
We want hot, fun, creative, active boys&girls
to share in our awesomeness. That meaning...YOU.

Your moderator <3
Em. x_anothertrend.
Fun. Friendly. Open to suggestion.
Coke > Pepsi. Internet addict.


+ I am awesome
+ The application is Friends only
+ I have used the code from the box below
for my application. LJ cut and all.
+ I will be nice to current members and
mods whether they think I'm awesome or not.
+ I have used "I am awesome because I " (and then added a reason)
for my subject line.
+ I am prepared to be an active, cam whoring,
member if the awesome members accept me.
+ I do not type like I'm on crack
+ After you join, you have 48 hours to post your application.
+ Only comment on your application until stamped/rejected.

In order for the awesomes to continue being awesome you must remember to:

o1. promote
o2. Comment on as many posts as you can, this place isn't
just to tell people how gorgeous they are. Constructive critisism is good, too.
o3. Every member must participate in the themes unless
I am otherwise informed (or I will whip your butt ^^)
o4. You must vote when we are deciding on the theme winner.
o5. Use "yes" or "no" as the subject when voting on applicants.
o6. Give reasons for your vote.
o7. Be creative. Be friendly. Have fun.
o8. No promoting other communities. However, we would
always like more sisters. Ask the moderator if your community is awesome
enough to be our sister. (chances are it'll be a yes)
o9. When voting, remember it's 60% personality and
creativity and 40% looks. BOTH must be intact.
1o. Please use an LJ cut.
11. All Posts Friends only, please.
12. Have fun :D

Status (pictures?):

Your favourite clothes (pictures?):
Favourite weather:
Favourite book(s):
What type of music do you listen to?:
Do you like the OC?:
Favourite undies (no pics. we don't want to see your ass...yet):
Would you eat a spoonful of maggots for $500?:
What was the last dream you had?:
Got any hobbies?:

Would you ever cheat on your significant other? Have you?:
Sex before 16:
People who cut themselves:

+ Have you ever: +

Kissed a stranger?:
Eaten something mouldy/off?:
Had sex?:

Coke or pepsi?:

Tell us one thing to prove (maybe) how awesome you are:
I know it's annoying but go ahead and promote us a couple of times:
Who referred you?:
How many hours a day do you spend on the LJ, approx.?:

5+ Clear pictures of your face:

1+ Body shot (optional):

There'll be a new theme every 2 weeks.

The current theme is:

Banned members.

fascinatingdasi - Posted an inappropriate post.
aries_lover - Being rude and commenting after being rejected.

Members will get stamped/rejected after 48 hours of applying.



Much love to lollirotangel for this banner :D


Contact the moderator is you want to be a sister :D
She doesn't bite...hard.




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