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Nobody's posted in a MONTH! Wow.

You guys...I'm getting so exited. 4 MONTHS! and a little more.

Auditions are around now...yayyy

My friend Eli (who's the pianist in our piano quartet) is auditioning this year. He's coming from KINHAVEN (aka Greenwood North) but he's actually a very Greenwoodish person. And he's an amazing pianist. So he should definitely come. Although I'm not sure what Lee (Dionne) is doing this year...I think he might possibly have a spot saved for him at BC, since he really should've gotten in last year. There just wasn't room for another pianist. But he might go back to Kinhaven. Ack, I'm rambling now. But ... there are 2 or 3 other people (they're all, including Eli, from GBYSO) who I know are auditioning...which is very cool. Do any of you know people auditioning this year?
And I'm still rambling. So goodbye.


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hey all

i like the new look of the greenwood community! good job, hillary. :)

how are you all? are you coming back?

i am. i sent the form saying "I'M COMING BACK!!!" on the day i got it. ha. i can't imagine that this is my last summer at greenwood (as a camper, anyway). too awful. i'm not going to think about it.

i have a concert tonight and a concert tomorrow. tonight is a performance of the first movement of the beethoven triple concerto with this terrible orchestra in upstate ny; the violinist is 12 and the pianist is worse than any of you could possibly, possibly imagine. BUT, tomorrow i'm playing brahms b major trio with my group with josh walden in it. YAY! i'm excited. oh the brahms b major. my favorite. yayayayayay.

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hello all! i just figured out how to join (go me!) thanks to the help page. and some last minute advice from gwendarella. yay me again! the end
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I love Greenwood.

So guys, there are currently 188 days left. That's not that long, right? :-P

Now off to practice. I think the fact that I'm learning music for my recital less than two weeks before it is possibly a bad thing. Whoops.
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