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Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 07:07 pm
mood: curiouscurious
posted by: jj727 in _greenwood_

hi everyone ;)
I'm a junior violinist Greenwood hopeful haha i heard about Greenwood from Julie Yoon of Chiara Quartet, and i would luv to go. Thing is, i went on the website and got the brochure and everything, but it would be great to hear from campers about Greenwood--you know, personal experiences :). anything will be great--stories, what they do, how much u practice, the atmosphere, auditioning and etc. I'm really actually nervous about auditioning cuz it sounds really difficult to get in.
Well, a little bit about myself, I'm a violinist at Interlochen Arts Academy, and I just absolutely luv it! I'm looking for a program in the summer where i can really concentrate on music making and enjoy it with others who love it as much as I do... umm as to what I've played.. i haven't really done much 'standard' stuff, but I've done Saint saens #3, Wieniawsky polonaise in D, De Beriot #5, Novacek perpetual motion, Prokofiev sonata, and suchness haha
Thanx in advance for any info at all ;)

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from: redviola41
date: Jan. 7th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)


I haven't gone to Greenwood quite as long as a lot of the people in this group have. I was there for one year as a camper, and one year as a counselor. It's totally worth it to go . . . the people are wonderful, the music-making experiences are unforgettable and you leave at the end of the summer having fallen in love with music all over again, and in an entirely new way. From what I've seen, there is not as much of an emphasis on personal practice as there is on rehearsing with your group, but I found myself playing as much as six or seven hours a day (some people can do more!) in just rehearsing with groups. Don't be nervous about auditioning, it's just like any other audition! It sounds like you can play your instrument, so don't sweat it! Good luck, and I hope this helps!


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