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hi everyone ;)
I'm a junior violinist Greenwood hopeful haha i heard about Greenwood from Julie Yoon of Chiara Quartet, and i would luv to go. Thing is, i went on the website and got the brochure and everything, but it would be great to hear from campers about Greenwood--you know, personal experiences :). anything will be great--stories, what they do, how much u practice, the atmosphere, auditioning and etc. I'm really actually nervous about auditioning cuz it sounds really difficult to get in.
Well, a little bit about myself, I'm a violinist at Interlochen Arts Academy, and I just absolutely luv it! I'm looking for a program in the summer where i can really concentrate on music making and enjoy it with others who love it as much as I do... umm as to what I've played.. i haven't really done much 'standard' stuff, but I've done Saint saens #3, Wieniawsky polonaise in D, De Beriot #5, Novacek perpetual motion, Prokofiev sonata, and suchness haha
Thanx in advance for any info at all ;)
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hey everyone. thanks to gwen i actually figured out how to join this thing (sorry im slow). cant wait for greenwood!!! yayy.
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i've changed my username 100 times, but this is it. the harp quartet.

less than 100 days till i leave for the summer (i'm at yellow barn pre-greenwood). i'm starting to get excited! :)

love to all,
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