No time to search the world around. Cause you know where i'll be found...

...when I come around.

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Rules for the community:
[*] Don't create drama, if there is a conflict, work it out with one of the mods.
[*] Post pictures, news, or stuff you find out thats cool about Green Day. Anything you have is welcome.
[*] No bashing new fans. We're all here because we love Green Day, so don't put people down for not being as quick as you.
[*] Remember to have fun, this is a whole community just for Green Day, anything and everything can and will be accepted to postings! =)

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This is just an survey kind of thing. Fill it out when you join just so we can get ot know

your mods:
[~*~] Michelle- xbutt_munchx
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[~*~] Mo- __make_a_sound
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Michelle and Mo are your mods for this community. If theres a problem notify one of us and we'll take care of it as best we can! We just have one thing more to say....HAVE FUN!!! =)

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