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The Land of The Crossovers

Where Fandoms Collide

The Crossover Haven
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If you're into the GJ scene, visit our sister community: Greybeard Inn: Notice the E

A Different Sort of Roleplaying

Maybe you play a few different characters, in a few different games. Do they rent out space in your head? Do they ever interact in your sleep, when you're grocery shopping, or drawing pirate mood icons?

You've stumbled upon the right place.

The Concept

This is the place where you let those characters in your head run around as if they were actual people, fully aware of their own being, the fact that they're parts of your imagination, and that they co-exist with the other personalities that share your brain. All the while retaining the fundamentals that make them that specific character with the knowledges, and experiences that come from the unique game of which they are a part.

Confused yet? Excellent! You'll catch on. It's OOC and IC at the same time! Nothing but fun can come from that. Believe us, we know. Imagine the insights you'll get! And the different character interpretations!

Just imagine this place to be an inn. Someplace your characters can go to unwind at the end of a long RP day.

How It Works

Join this community with your character journal (join with as many as you want). Send us a completed info sheet (found below) by email. Then turn 'em loose!

Don't worry if we already have a Buffy, or a Sirius. The point of this endeavor is to let them all interact with each other. It's the ultimate fandom crossover!

Interaction Guidelines

1. Post only to the community journal when you want to play. All entries should be in third person so that the characters can interact. The setting is an inn. You don't have to explain why you're there, or how another character is able to access the characer in your mind. We're not here for semantics.

Note: We've made it that way so that you don't have to worry about your own character's journal and game getting messed up with OOC/IC posts. Everything that happens on this community page is AU, and will not alter the trajectory of your character in his/her respective game.

2. To be sure that individual games and Graybeard Inn are kept seperate, it is not necessary to list this community as a friend (ie. You don't have to watch it on your friends list). If you're sure that you won't get confused, then go ahead and list it, but you're definately not obligated to. Just put the comm in your favorites folder and check the actual community page when you want to play.

3. Slash and Het cross-fandom pairings are allowed. Hey, if you want Harry Potter to shag Rogue (or Wolverine for that matter) you go right ahead with our blessing. This is an inn, afterall...the beds are upstairs. However, please be sure to put a warning in the subject line of the thread if it turns NC-17, and what pairing it is. We feel this falls under the ruberic of common courtesy.

4. Original characters and Mary Sues are more than allowed. In fact, they are encouraged. But don't blame us if you get some underhanded razzing about it. It's all in good fun. Honest...

5. We won't hesitate to boot someone who causes trouble, or personal drama.

6. This is not an ad community. RPG ads will be deleted immediately. However, we're not against using this as a networking tool. If you really like the way someone plays a character and want to find out what game they're from, we'll be creating an index of characters and games. Or, you could simply ask them. Likewise, if you're a game looking for a character and you see one you like here, we encourage you to talk to them and ask if their mun would be interested in joining your individual game.

7. Your character doesn't have to be a part of an existing game. Just note that on your info sheet. We understand if you've got people freelancing in your head.

Info Sheet
Email to: yamucha@bmi.net or madmadammim@sluggy.net

This is just for our information, and ability to keep the game at least somewhat organized. You will not be accepted or rejected based on this form. In the near future, we expect to have a webpage with an indexing of our participating characters. (Hey, this could even be a way of finding new games, or advertising for your own).

Fandom: (ex. Harry Potter)
Character Name: (ex. Narcissa Malfoy)
Game Participated In: (ex. cvrp)
Messenger/Screenname: (ex. AIM/StillJustHarry)
Player Alias: (ex. Ene)