April 19th, 2004

Is this place even open?

It's quiet inside but Russandol doesn't care. He walks brusquely to the bar, looking for staff and wondering whether to simply help himself from the bottle of Jack Daniels.

He's an elf, though he doesn't look much like one, dressed as he is in jeans that are four inches too short for his long legs, and a red flannel shirt that clashes with the auburn hair hanging long and loose around his shoulders. The shirt is rolled up at the sleeves revealing a right arm that's missing a hand, and a left arm with a tattoo of a panther on it.

Well it's not exactly Luna Beach, he thinks to himself. But it isn't safe for him to be hanging around in bars on Luna Beach now, not now that Morgoth knows where he lives. And a bar is just what he needs because what he really needs is to get really, really drunk...

Character: Maedhros Russandol
Fandom: Silmarillion
Game: Sinyamar
AIM: Russandol817
Player: doltaghey/alderley
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