February 13th, 2004

Chuy Nyeoww by me


Minako walked into the bar. She was disoriented. One moment she had been in Crystal Tokyo, her future, aiding her princess to save their future, then she had gotten lost in the Mists of Time and ended up... here. Where ever "here" was.

She looked around timidly and noticed people off having conversations and drinks. She cleared her throat and sat at the bar. Why not have a drink? Who cares if I'm only 15! She turned to the bartender, ordered a pint of ale (That was what everyone in these kind of bars ordered, wasn't it?) and fixed the red ribbon tying up her long blonde hair.

As she got her drink, she took a sip and grimaced. It tasted horrible. Ah, well. She had ordered it, and she was going to drink it. She turned on her stool and people watched while she sipped at her drink.
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