February 5th, 2004

Smoke, Relaxed, Okay, Pensive

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Zach sat in the back corner of the bar, chainsmoking up a storm. He didn't know why he was there other than the fact that that stupid tramp had pushed him into public. He hated people in general and was irked by the fact that he had to deal with enough stupidity in his own realm, let alone all the stupidity of other realms. It only made him smoke more and feel even more like the existential arse that he was.
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Move quietly.

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Marcus made his way into the inn, sticking almost ridiculously close to the walls at all times, his eyes darting around as though he expected the population of the place to suddenly turn around and declare him their mortal enemy. Nervous wasn't quite the right word but, it fitted the bill at a push.

This was certainly... Odd. Yes, odd was the perfect word for it. He couldn't remember a time when he'd really been let off the reins, not like this.

'Well, fuck it. Let's make the most of it,' he thought, breathing in deeply as though the extra oxygen would make him feel a little more normal. He leant up against the bar, grunted at the barkeep to bring him a beer and gazed around the room. There was bound to be some familiar faces in here somewhere...
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Neville walked timidly into the Inn and slunk over to the bar, plopping down onto the stool at the very end. Inhaling all the smoke he coughed loudly and sputtered a bit before tilting his head down and trying not to breathe too deeply. He didn't know anyone, except for Josh (who was quite campy and bothered Neville to no end), and he wasn't much for bars. Or meeting people. Or being in public at all for that matter. The bitch figured she'd send him in here to meet some new and interesting people because she was tired of him not knowing anyone, and he was still cursing her as he ordered his drink.

"Ho hum. Some scotch would be good right about now..." It was nice to get away, into something different, though quite unsettling.
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Josh flounced into the Inn, humming loudly to himself and taking in all his surroundings. The bar looked like the place to be so he skipped inside, coming to a stop at the bar and ordering a cosmo. The place was rather dull... it wasn't even playing any good music, but he took his drink over to a table in the middle of the room and plopped down, crossing his left leg over his right knee. He gazed back and forth across the room, not spotting anyone of particular interest. He sipped his drink and watched the door, hoping someone cute would come talk to him. He'd never been let out before, so he wasn't quite sure what to do.
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Tatsel had entered the bar and taken a seat in a quiet and unassuming way. He was good at that, blending in. You weren't likely to notice him unless you happened to look directly at him and spot him sitting.
This was the first time he had been in this bar, being new to this general area. He had a resistance to alcohol that made it ridiculously hard for him to get drunk, so he came to the bars mostly just to socialize. That was a little tricky sometimes though. People tended to react violently when they found out he was half vampire, because vampires were considered dangerous dark creatures and all. Not that he drank from people in the first place, but oh well.

Anyway this was a new place. That had up and downs. On the downside, he knew no one. On the up side, no one knew him. He could...casually forget to mention that he was half vampire. You couldn't tell by looking at him, he looked like a normal wizard. The last bar he went to he had to leave not because a person had been able to visually tell what he was, but because the unfortunate (though rather pushy) person had decided to take a drink from his cup without asking. The look on that his face was interesting though.

He rested his chin in one hand, tracing the lid of his drink with a finger on the other. (He always drank from mugs with lids, mostly for the comfort of those around him.) He wondered to himself how this place was going to work out.
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Justin entered the Graybeard Inn, feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Why was he here, again? With more than a little trepidation, he obtained a margarita and went to find a seat.

As he made his way towards a quiet corner, the room began to swim and he suddenly found himself surveying his surroundings from more than one pair of eyes. As though he was in two places at once. He shook his head and after a moment everything was in focus again.

Ah. That. That would be the reason he was here. It was a recent occurrence and he didn't know what it was. It seemed, however, like the sort of thing that would cause one to need a drink. Which wasn't something he did often.

...well, ever, really. Which he was certain was terribly obvious.

But now seemed as good a time as any to start. He sat down, took a sip of his drink, and waited. For what, he wasn't sure.