Neville Longbottom (afraid_to_fly) wrote in _graybeardinn,
Neville Longbottom

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Neville walked timidly into the Inn and slunk over to the bar, plopping down onto the stool at the very end. Inhaling all the smoke he coughed loudly and sputtered a bit before tilting his head down and trying not to breathe too deeply. He didn't know anyone, except for Josh (who was quite campy and bothered Neville to no end), and he wasn't much for bars. Or meeting people. Or being in public at all for that matter. The bitch figured she'd send him in here to meet some new and interesting people because she was tired of him not knowing anyone, and he was still cursing her as he ordered his drink.

"Ho hum. Some scotch would be good right about now..." It was nice to get away, into something different, though quite unsettling.
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