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Are You Insane?

Well, you can find out...

The Ultimate Study of Handwriting...
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Welcome to the wonderful world of graphology! Woo!

Some history...
Graphology came from the Greek word 'graphe', meaning writing. Famous people like Aristotle noticed the varaities in handwriting, and was one of the first to study the link between the writer and his writing.

One of the first books published was by a professer named Camillo Baldi (1550-1637) wrote a book whose title, loosely translated into english, means "How from a Missive Letter One May Know the Nature and Qualities of its Writer".

After this, people all over the world (the three countires with the biggest interests were Germany, France and Switzerland) started to become intrested in this art and it has become a entertaning hobby, or career, for hundreds of years.

Graphology can be very helpful in society for forensic investigation (telling if a person is a criminal by their handwriting) or for non-descriminant jury selection (ie, to make sure that they are an honest person)

General Information
This community is basicly for the discussion of graphology, or the complex study of handwriting. There are many parts that are analyzed, and mean different things if written in different ways:

-Upper/Middle/Lower Zones
-Ink discharge
-Among others...

Despite popular belief, printing can also be analyzed as well as cursive.

Here, people are free to discuss this facinating subject, share their views on it, and talk about different rules that they have read.This is an open community, you do not have to apply in anyway (but you can if you want to...). Only members can post, and it must stay on the basic topic of graphology, but I can let a few little off-topics pass through.

Topography is a branch of graphology (the theroy was developed by Carl Jung) and it goes into three catagories.
-Thinker vs. Feeler
-Extroversion vs. Introversion
-Sensing vs. Intuition.

This is also acceptable in discussion.

General Rules
I have one major rule in this community...
--NO ADVERTISING! If it comes up, the entry is subject to deletion. If this happens three times for the same user, they will be thrown out of the community.

Here are a couple of other rules to abide to:
-INTRODUCTION POSTS ARE NEEDED FOR FIRST ENTRY. You can say other things, as long as you introduce yourself.
-All samples of handwriting to be posted MUST be under a LJ-cut. If you don't know that that is (haha), go to the FAQ section of Livejournal.
-Please try to follow the basic rules of grammar when typing an entry (ie, capitalization, punctuation, SPELLING, etc.) If it isn't that bad, I'll accept the entry anyway ^^
-If you are going to join this community, you MUST know the basics of and/or be interested in graphology; your intrests can NOT be in vain (ie, don't join just for the sake of finding out what your handwriting says about you).

Remember: January 12th is National Handwriting Holiday, and January 6-12 is National Handwriting Analyasis Week. (for the US). So enjoy it!

Your humble moderator: colormegreen333! You can post a comment if you have any questions.