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1) Only promos that are graphix related will be accepted. All entries are moderated, and any non-graphix community promos will not be posted.

2) No cussing. Not in community names, not in promos. There's no need for it.

3) No flaming/slamming other communities.

4) No drama.

5) One community can be promoted by one person once a week (week meaning Monday thru Sunday).

6) Please explain what your community does (icontest, icon requests, layouts, banners, backgrounds, blends, etc)

7) Make sure there's a link back to your community.

8) Pictures that are wider than 450 pixels MUST be behind an LJ cut. If they're not, your entry won't be posted.

9) Please only use one picture and/or link per community. Anything more is overkill.

10) Entries with pictures that do not show up will be deleted.

11) Only promote LiveJournal communities.

12) DO NOT disable comments.

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