Icons for the Classical Music Obsessed

From Bach to Shostakovich to Sousa

Really Cool Classical Music Icons (no, really)
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Some classical music icons and other things.

The Rules for Use are:
1. You should put something along the lines of taken from _gracenote in the comments box in your userpics section if you are taking an icon. I prefer a credit to _gracenote rather than my normal journal.
2. Leave a comment at the entry taken from.
3. Share them if you want, as long as a credit is given in the userpic comments.

1. John Myatt Woodwind and Brass-- I used a lot of interesting comic sketches from this site.
2. Getty Images-- An amazing collection of stock photos by top photographers.
3. Rusty Yoda-- Interesting classical music jokes and pictures.
4. Joshua Bell
5. Cartoon Stock-- excellent classical music cartoons.
6. le_tit_mason-- created the Chopin South Park image used in icon 2 in entry no. 12. =)
7. Faboarts @ DeviantART-- artist who created the last three caricatures in entry 13 of Mozart, Karajan, and Beethoven.
8. Christina De Musee-- for the first seven caricatures in entry 13 of various composers.
9. Boston University Expanding List of Really Bad Musical Puns
aaron copland, amadaeus, appasionata, bach, ballades, baroque, bass clarinets, bass drums, bassoon, beethoven, bizet, borodin, brahms, brass, byron janis, cantatas, castanets, cellos, chimes, chopin, clair de lune, clarinets, classical, classical music, claviers, comtemporary, concertos, contrabassoons, cymbals, daniel barenboim, daniele dechenne, debussy, delibes, double basses, dvorak, english horns, etudes, falla, fantasie, flute, forte pianos, france, french, french horns, fritz reiner, fugues, gershwin, gliere, glinka, glockenspiels, gounod, grieg, guiros, hadyn, handel, harps, harpsichords, hungarian rhapsody, impressionistic, impromptus, ivanovici, keyboards, khatchaturian, lang lang, liszt, london symphony orchestra, mahler, marrying mozart, martha argerich, mazurkas, mendelssohn, minuets, mozart, murray perahia, music, new york, nicolai, nocturnes, norah jones, oboe, offenbach, operas, opus, orchestras, organs, overtures, pachelbel, paris, percussion, piannisimo, pianos, piccolo, polonaises, ponchielli, preludes, prokofiev, puccini, rachmaninoff, rachmaninov, ravel, requieum mass, rimsky-korosakov, romances, romantic music, romantic-contemporary, rondos, rossini, rubinstein, saint-saens, saxophone, scarlatti, scherzi, scherzo schubert, schumann, serenades, shostakovich, smetana, snare drums, sonatas, strauss, string quartets, string quintets, strings, suppe, symphonies, tambourines, tannhauser, tchaicovsky, timpanis, triangles, trombones, trumpets, tubas, valses, verdi, violas, violins, vivaldi, vladimir ashkenazy, von gluck, wagner, waldteufel, waltzes, weber, wolfgang, woodwinds, xylophones, yundi li