i just joined!! WOOHOOW
my name is allie, i'm 14, i am a GIRL and i'm bi

uuuuhhhh i have no idea what else to post right now sooo... LATER TATERS!!!!!!

o yaa can i have your opinions on this? someone i know wrote it and wants feedback

wanna read it??Collapse )

tell me what you think!!!
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My name is Ernest, and I just joined this community...I'm a gay guy, and I used to be real involved in activism in early to mid 90s, but I came down with a serious infection because of aids, but I'm allot better now...I used to be involved with ACT-UP, Queer Nation, and some other stuff...I just wanted to say hello...I watched The Laramie project today for the first time, and it inspired me to look on LJ for those of like mind!
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me and val 05

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My GSA is selling a bunch of bracelets for charity and unfortunetly we have roughly 2,000 left. They are the livestrong bracelets, but instead they are bright blue are read "SUPPORT DIVERSITY". We were selling them for 2 dollars since it is for charity, but if anyone is interested in selling them in their community or school and wants to purchase some we can give it to you for less if you can't afford it. Please buy some and help us donate to the National AIDS Foundation, so that research can be furthered. Let me know if anyone's interested. I can put up a picture if necessary. Thanks!!


Are you sick and tired of George W. Bush?
Do Christian extremists irritate you?
Do you have those days where you just can’t stand the G.O.P., Radical Right, Christian Extremists or those darn Conservatives who preach about their so-called “Moral Values” and then turn around and do whatever they want while condemning everybody else?

IF you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then Boycott Against Conservative America is the place for you! Come on in and let off all the steam of political nonsense and finally feel the weight being lifted off of your shoulders as others feel your anger, grief and pan.

Remember that Boycott Against Conservative America is a Liberal organization, however anarchists are welcomed to share their views.

“Remember when Conservative America has got your Liberal Soul by the throat, never forget that your fellow Liberal democrats and their allies always got your B.A.C.A."