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because I love gossip

Name: Sanne
Age: 19
Location The Netherlands
Promote us to 2 places: into_these_arms and promote

Store: H&M (I would say De Bijenkorf, but that wouldn’t ring any bells here I guess :D)
Actor//Actress: Johnny Depp (or Hayden Christensen, because his age fits better if we get married :D) and Scarlett Johanssen
Movie: Lost In Translation, Sin City, Le Fabuleux Destin de Amelie Poulain, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club
Book: Gossip Girl of course, Shakespeare, Een Schitterend Gebrek, A Clockwork Orange and a lot more (I’m the reading type)
Sport: Running
Color: Green
Singer//Bands: David Bowie, Placebo, The Killers, The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand, Rilo Kiley, Frederique Spigt

//Either or\\
Britney//Christina: Christina, I have no clue why, Britney just lost that touch when she got pregnant and (well, lets face it) dirty
Hilary//Lindsay: Lindsay, definitely, Hilary is a little boring
Abercrombie//Hollister: Uhm, I can’t answer this, because I just don’t know enough about this (I know the first is a shop/brand, but we don’t have it)
Skirt//Shorts: skirts, feminine and as though as you make it
Louis Vuttion//Coach: Coach
Flip Flop//Boot: Hmm, both, one foot flip flop other one a booth, I love shoes, don’t make me choose
Macy's//Bergdorf's: Both I know, both we don’t have, I have such an awful live :D
Bush//Kerry: Kerry, I had to make a paper about the money Bush was spending on ‘things’ and I got the feeling he didn’t really knew what he was doing, but otherwise I am not an American so I’m more interested in European Politics

What can you bring to this community?: Well, I don’t know, I’m European, and I can always teach you some words that nobody would understand, but I can also just say what everyone is saying, I will promote, be an active member etc.
Which Gossip Girls character are you most like and why?: Honestly I have to say Blair, that obsessive compulsive thing she has going about school, I really can relate to. On the other hand I feel like Vanessa, seeing beauty in ugly things.
What are your opinion on:
Abortion. I am pro-abortion, but I guess I have the ‘advantage’ to live in a country where abortion is legal and free. Woman are the boss in there own belly (the Dutch does sound a lot cooler then the translation) There are of course the girls who use it as late birth control, but a lot of the woman who take the abortion in my country are either raped or being forced into it without birth control (they wanted sex, but the guy told them they didn’t need birth control). Not to be a bitch about other country’s but the teen pregnancy rate in America is a lot higher then in Holland although not a lot of girls take an abortion. There is one thing more important than birth control and abortion and that is to know about it and to realize you just can’t think you won’t get pregnant. Okay, sorry for the long answer, it is a big discussion issue and that’s why I just can’t say no or yes.
Gay Marriage. Definitely pro. But again, I have to state that I am Dutch, one of the few country’s that allows it. Every man and woman, no matter if there gay or straight should have the opportunity to live the same life’s. I don’t believe gay people are sick, or wrong.
Obesity. My mom is a (how do you call it) some one how helps people lose weight. It is a sickness and even though you think you can’t do anything about it, there is always something. If you are sick, you just have to get another diet. Exercise is important too.
What is your best physical trait?: I have no clue, I like my feet, my eyes, uhm, my height maybe, if I would live in America, because then I would be tall and I think I would like that :D Otherwise I don’t really know

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