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Hey spacemen. Huge fan of the goslings/loudermilk, I actually got to see them twice, and meet all of the members, and I their autographs. I'd post the picture if I knew how to use an LJ cut.
aww ... you guys made me ink!

el CD

Has anyone gotten the new Gosling CD yet? I downloaded it off of iTunes ... it was only like $4 so I was happy about that. I was shocked/surprised that they had it though. Hehe. If you have it what do you think of it? It's okay, I like it but I don't think it's as good as The Red Record, yah know? I like the music but I don't really like the stuff they're singing about, if you know what I mean. "Mr. Skeleton Wings" is my favorito so far. What about YOU?! Oh, and how many songs are on the new CD? Because I only have like 5:

- Mr. Skeleton Wings
- The Worm Waltz
- Here Is ...
- Chemical Drive
- I Am The Avocado

Are there more?!?

<3 isa
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okay. how do you guys like this new look for the community? i just had to change it .. the other one was way too boring, dont you think? anyway, let me know what you think of it and post more! this community is dying and we just cant let that happen!!
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whoa! i found them!
i have been a HUGE loudermilk fan for over two years, but the past year or so, i've been slacking. all of a sudden i couldn't find them online or anything, so i got sad.
but then, being the genius i am, figured, "why not check out their lj community? they have to have one!". and i found them, only now as gosling. and still very good.
so i joined, because i love them.
i'm patrice, by the way. i'm sixteen and i live in michigan.
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