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_gorge0us_'s Journal

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Welcome to
Yep, another rating community.


New rule, as of 4/26/04 YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 16 YEARS OLD TO JOIN. This community had no age limit up until this point, but the number of immature and ignorant 13, 14, and 15 year olds has become a problem. Your application will be automatically deleted if you are under 16 years of age.
When applying, you must post at least 3 pictures along with the survey provided below. This community isn't just about looks. You're also being judged on your survey. Please use a the live journal cut when posting. I only want to see the first 3 questions in the survey. Don't know what a live journal cut is? <*lj-cut*>
You CANNOT post in this community until you are stamped. You will be banned if you do not follow this rule. You may, however, post in your OWN entry in which you applied.
Don't give the stamped members an attitude. I'll make sure that comments aren't too harsh. But remember, you applied to be rated. So if you can't handle being put down, then I wouldn't reccomend applying.
Once you are stamped, stay active. This community has about 80 members and only about 20 people constantly vote. I won't kick you out or ban you, because I'm too lazy to go through the list of members and figure out whose active or not. But don't just join to get in and then never vote. It's annoying.
You may promote your community, but only if you're stamped. And there will be a limit of how much promoting goes on. If I find that this community gets overflowed with promoting, I will take away this priviledge to stamped members. I've HAD IT. NO MORE PROMOTING, even if you are stamped.
Please put NEW in the subject line when you are applying.
More importantly, have fun. Don't take any of this too seriously. You can always post again in 1 week if you have been rejected, with new pictures.

intoxicate- Creator

Your moderators:

iheartdisney- Moderator/Maintainer

str8asspimp45- Moderator

Sexual preference:

Your beliefs on..
Gay marriage:
Self mutilation:
The war with Iraq:
President Bush:
The U.S Military

And most importantly..
How did you find out about this community?

If you are accepted:
You will see either of these as your stamps in your application entry.

If you are rejected:

You will see this as your stamp in your application entry.

Top promoting banners/male accepted banner and layout made by: intoxicate

Accepted/Rejected banners made by: amandizle

Accepted Members:
Number accepted: 97

alwayshis4ever, ____passi0n, im_just_molly, ditzybabygirl55, fairypink, wish_babe, divadasmaschina, happy_tears, liquidcity, x_since_always, amandizle, tris_, missniki03, sweethugs44, sleightofhand_, ohlover, kaym412, heeeeeylove, hannybannany, indeeper, xgerwehx, isightgirl, ef_u_see_keigh, luvinjailbait, _sinfuldelights, midgetpenguin83, santa_cruz4life, geekiepoo, mishfits, x0x_punkie_x0x, bang_youre_dead, kissable_kris, loverachelxo, lovelybeautiful, skimble, devil_cake, troubledkisses, candleinthelite, crazy_like_me, ashifer, sporklike, laurendeleon, _infiction, str8asspimp45, iheartdisney, cheercutychrisy, xlost_causex, gimmesocks, foreverifall, _darkogirl, __downtown, _waitingforyou, xpaperxcutx, _starlight_nite, lifeguard_love, _italyanbella_, hazey_eyes, neuroticmtndew, luscious_liz, hose, lastbreath__, cest_la_vie_, kings_hand, wishfulxdreams, circus_clowns, viabee, d_sheets_16, evilbarbie98, jess33759, mama_rabbit, xluckystarzx, imurbitch, hopelessdreamr, almostfamous1, fatefellsh0rt, _cross_my_heart, _fancypants_, arianavaldiva, starsixed_it, mon_coeur_noir, mini1525, hippie_princess, flyawayfromlife, persianplaya, qtpiejess, i_love_hobos, chaosrulesme, krazybeautiiful, zz_emma_lee_zz, bleed__broken, jacqui_d, _wild_honey_, her_perviness, way_too____, rockstr009, pierresbitch, misssam831


raygarza, krissi_lynne, asianchailover, jdarippa2000, neverendngtearz, pollywantscrack,
xkelseyyx (for being a fake), metal_geek_girl, xurxmyxparadise, xtinyhunnix ( for promoting, even though she was rejected), mattshottie, rachface, hotpantskrystal (for a very interesting fake app...), h_simkins, gymcutie436, kikikens, toxic_lemons(for voting when they were rejected)

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If you would like to be added as a sister community, please contact me intoxicate

Please join my icon making community: _megsicons

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