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This morning I turned on the tv expecting to see Golden Girls and then forgot Golden Palace was on. I thought a GG episode was on that I'd never seen before - what was the guy from Fantasy Island doing on Golden Girls?! Then I realized it was Golden Palace.

I almost hit the floor when I saw BILL ENGVALL playing Blanche's son! My brother and I are huge Blue Collar Comedy Tour fans so that was quite a treat.

Just wanted to share :)


Lifetime has officially annouced the return of the Golden Palace for a limited time only starting August 1st at 6:30pm! A television ad aired today during the 6:00pm episode of The Golden Girls!

Original Run

I have never seen the show.

For those who have or those who even saw it in 1992-1993, tell me, do you think it may have lasted longer if:

A) It had ran on NBC, same timeslot as Golden Girls was.
B) It had run on CBS, same timeslot as Golden Girls was.
C) It had received better promotion by CBS.