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Lancers forever

no matter where we are

EDSS is supreme throughout the land!
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We are the Lancers! the mighty mighty lancers!

EDSS is supreme , throughout the land, ever by EDSS we'll stand,stand,stand,stand, striving the right to do, we'll lift the banner, lift the banner high.


we are:
~Jen (06/28/87)
~Sarah (09/04/87)
~Jena (10/01/87)
~Carla (12/19/87)

Honourary members are:
Sarah R (08/14/87)
Calaya ( i have no idea)

We love so many things that we really don't want to go into detail about so see our interests section for that info, aside from the fact that we hate German and almost all things having to do with it! By pure coincidence we all once worked at places to buy food/eat at the same time...(except for Krystal)

We have been friends since ninth grade in a small town that is turning big- city, much to our chagrin. We are all very close and only because of that closeness have we been able to move on after a long time friend decided to turn on us.

We were sad that we wouldn't all be together after we finished High School and would be going different places but we know that our friendship is strong and is not easily broken. We love to laugh and are often found doing so, even if it is at each other...pardon me WITH each other :) but mostly we are just us... together.

Here's a little about each of us

KRYSTAL: Krystal one brother and a sister and two little nephews named Brett and Justin, whom she loves very much. Krystal,like the rest of us will be forever traumatized by German class. Krystal is usually found saying that she is cold, hungry, tired and soemtimes even bored. Krystal is currently working at Timmy Hoe's (AKA Tim Horton's)

JEN: Jen is the next oldest in our little 'posse'. Jen is an easy-going girl with non-girly interests. She loves the TV show FRIENDS and can quote at least five lines from every episode. Jen has a younger brother. She loves hands-on activities and can often be found making pottery over at her neighbour's pottery studio. Jen has often been the only girl in many of her classes, being one of the rare girls that is very interested in tech. Jen is currently going to Conestoga College for a degree in Electrical Technology.

Sarah loves animals and has had several of her own (at a time) over the years, thus resulting in what is affectionately known as "Sarah's Zoo". Sarah has one older sister. Sarah loves to laugh, and is the one we turn to for advice. She hated her waitressing job, but claims it beat Timmy Hoe's...most days... Sarah is an excellent writer although is usually too busy to actually write something. She loves to have fun and is a serious shoe person! Sarah is attending Fanshawe College in London for Purchasing.

Carla was born in the Azores (nine islands that belong to Portugal) and is very proud of her heritage. She is practically fluent in Portuguese, due to being her family's translator. She loves travelling and goes to Portugal almost every summer. As any self respecting Portuguese person she is psycho about soccer. Her plans to marry Cristiano Ronaldo are up in the air, and may end up marrying Ricardo Quaresma instead. Carla has a zany personality and can always make you laugh, she is always good for a funny story and hates her job at Wendy's and is currently pursuing other options. Carla is taking some Continuing Education courses at Conestoga Colleg this year.

Is the Mod. of this community, all comments/questions/concerns should be sent to her via email.(see above info)
Jena is totally enamored with Josh Groban. She's a language nerd and the generally 'blonde' one of the group. She loves to sing and make mix CD's for her friends. She loves to write and is usually working on some story or another. She has an older brother. Jena is at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, taking the two-year Educational Assistant Program. She has a love of children and names, and plans on having six children someday.

Honourary Members

Sarah is one of our honourary members, b/c her high school's mascot is also the lancer. Sarah is Jena's pen-pal, and hails from the tiny town of Whitelaw in Wisconsin (USA). She is currently attending Augustana College in Illinois. Sarah has three brothers and two sisters. Sarah is fun to be around, and although at first may seem quiet she is a blast!

Calaya is our second honourary member. Calaya has completed her senior year at MLHS in Wisconsin, thus making her a lancer. She and Sarah are best friends. I don't know much about Calaya, but am getting to know her better.

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend."
- Albert Camus (also attributed to Maimonidies).

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the tune" ~ Unknown