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What the fuck did you just say?

Yeah, that's what I thought, fucker.

Go Fuck Yourself
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Okay Bitches, I don't like to fuck around and twiddle my thumbs and explain shit to you, so here we go

This community is for angry people, once accepted, you can do whatever the fuck you want, so long as I don't get pissed at you, cuz you piss me off, you're gone, deal with it dickface.

[x] Untill your bitchass is accepted, you don't fucking comment anywhere but on your application, and you don't make random posts, I don't fucking care if it takes my lazy ass a week to accept you, don't fucking do it, and if one of you asshats gets all confused and goes off and makes a post all "Boo fucking hoo I don't know what I'm to do" you're banned bitch.

[x] The title of your first post will go as follows " Fucktard ", thats all I want, it tells me you read the rules, any moron who does the app, and doesn't have that in the subject line, gets banned for being an idiot.

[x] Application, pictures, and rants that go more than 15 lines, get an LJ cut, if you don't know what an LJ cut is, you can go fuck yourself, because I'm not fucking explaining it.

[x] Don't piss me off, I'll find you, and kick your ass.

[x] No Sob Stories: No one cares that your boyfriend left you for a girl that's 10 times hotter than you are.

[x] No whiny rejection posts: Feel rejected & lonely? Well, then this should be nothing new to you. Don't post about it. You're not unique, you're not different, you're just a loser.

[x] Whining about someone labeling you or calling you a poser: Sorry asshole, you may think you're the "real deal", but you're just like any other fishnet stalking wearing & hair dying prick out there.

[x] No Gossip/Drama Queen bullshit: Have a juicy tale about someone? Wow, no one cares but you & the rest of your "no life having" loser friends, don't waste anyone's time with it.

[x] No Depression Stories: Just kill yourself, don't try to grab attention from people with your over-exaggerated crap.

Posting about this crap won't be subject to a ban, but your stupid post will be deleted, so the time you wasted the few minutes of your worthless life to post about it will be spent for nothing.

Zodiac Sign:
Significant other:

Anal Sex:
sXe (straight edge):

Curse word:

Tell us a joke:
Why should you be accepted:
When is the last time you took a bath:
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do:

How did you find us?:
Promote us and give us two links for proof (If you don't do this, you're rejected on the spot):

Post at least two pictures of yourself: