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Fucktard/ Mod App


Name: Kyla
Age: 18
Gender: vagina
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Location: Tampa Florida
Sexuality: Who the fuck even knows anymore, seriously, if you know, let me know.
Significant other: fuck no

Politics: The US government is a joke, it's not what our forefathers wanted it to be, it's nothing but propaganda and pay offs and corruption. Bush is a fucking idiots and little do all these bible thumping fucks know they just re-ealected the person who will start the apocolypse, so good job all you christian sons of bitches, it's your fault we're all doomed.
Religion: see above but with more bitching about how much I hate organized religion
Anal Sex: Sure, only if I can fuck you in the ass before you fuck me.
sXe (straight edge): It's your choice, you're going to have absolutely no fun in life, but hey, whatever floats your boat

Bands: Horrorpops, Violent femms, dead kennedy's, Ramones, reverand horton heat...there's others...I just don't feel like going into the rest of them because it's wasting my life
Movies: anything with angry killing sprees and horror
Color: Lime green
Book(s): steal this book, clockwork orange, live from death row, and Harry potter...fuck off.
Clothing: hoodies
Fetish: I'm a biter
Curse word: fuck

Tell us a joke: *gets out mirror and holds it infront of you* you're the joke! ha.
Why should you be accepted: I don't have to answer this being I'm the mod, so fuck you
When is the last time you took a bath: Took a shower yesterday, bath was 3 days ago
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do: Kill some bitches who have it coming and blow any money I have on one last blowout party with tons of pot and booze

How did you find us?: I made us
Promote us and give us two links for proof (If you don't do this, you're rejected on the spot): again, this doesn't apply to me

Post at least two pictures of yourself:

 That's all you get assholes

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