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_godrocks_'s Journal

Dude.. God Rocks!
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All Members , Moderated

This Community is basically for people who think God rocks! Here's some Idea's of some things you can post in this community.

|| Your Relationship with God || Struggles with Him || Bible Verses that you would like to share ||
|| Prayer Requests || Your walk with the Lord || How awesome God is || What He has done for you ||
|| Questions about God || Want to share with everyone when you accepted Christ as your Savior || etc..

1. Do not promote your community in here, its annoying and I will just delete the entry
2. NO swearing, or any inappropriate content
3. Do not disrespect our religion. If you don't believe in God.. don't post anything!
4. Do not change the font in your entry. You may change the size, just don't make it huge.
5. If ur entries are huge, PLEASE use the LJ Cut Code. It'd look better that way.

Here is an LJ cut code
<*lj-cut *text="Cut off here"*>Text Here<*/lj-cut*>
Remove the "*"


Conatact Me :
AIM - mandalikesu
Yahoo - candyeye025
Email - candyeye025@yahoo.com

I need more mods!

Please fill this out, and post as a comment. Title the application as "Mod Applicant," Thanks!



What you can do to help this community: (like accepting members, managing posts, etc.)
Your relationship with the Lord: (you don't have to put this)
Contact Information: (messanger, email, etc.)