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Community Info
  • Welcome!: This community was created for current or soon-to-be godparents, as well as parents who went or are going through the selection process. Being a godparent is an important role in a person's life, but so often it is taken lightly and commercialized. This community welcomes all ideas, stories, pictures, and questions concerning godparenting. Naturally, in some families, godparents purchase gifts and/or take their godchild on outings. This community is open to questions searching for ideas for gifts to give or special things to do. While the focus will be the spiritual guidance of the child, it would be naive to not include the other aspects. Additionally, you're welcome to gush about how much you adore your godchild if you feel the need!

  • Founded and Maintained by: Katie, so_cruel, who can be contacted at so_cruel@livejournal.com

  • Community History
  • Community since: 17 October 2005

  • Why did it start?: I, Katie, was asked by my godmother to be the godmother of my newest cousin, Ava. Since I've never been a godparent before, I found myself having a lot of questions. I was aware of the importance of godparents and their role in the child's life, but I wanted to learn from others how to be a good godparent. I couldn't find any communities on LiveJournal devoted to this topic, so I started the community.

    Community Guidelines
    1. Please, try to title your posts! It is much easier to find and organize posts that have titles.
    2. Be courteous. Plain and simple.
    3. Use lj-cut for pictures or long entries.
    4. Although there are very traditional and fundalmentalist views on what a godparent should believe in, that's not really of our concern. As long as the godparent is leading the child closer to a relationship with God, we can all lay off the personal judgment. Let's all assume we were chosen to be godparents for a reason.
    5. This is a community that supports godparents. Please don't come to the community to debate why you think it is a stupid custom or why the religion is wrong. There are plenty religious debate communities and this isn't one of them. Head over to religiousdebate.

    Additional Note
    This community is not related to The Godparents Association. There is presently no LiveJournal community dedicated to that program, so I encourage you to start one!

    Useful Links
    The Role of Godparents
    What is expected of godparents?

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